Shorts Program 4


While she claims to be an expert in sex and love on YouTube, Ada can barely speak to her gym trainer, with whom she's madly in love. When she sets her sights on him, everything changes.

El Verano del León Eléctrico
Hidden in a house far from the city, a boy accompanies his sister as she becomes the seventh wife of a prophet who electrocutes anyone who touches him.

The Phantom 52
Loneliness: a trucker who calls out on his CB radio waiting for a reply that never comes. A ghost that haunts the deserted highways. A whale that sings at a frequency no other whale can even hear.

The Rat
It's Halloween night and Renee is madly in love with Jim. On their way to a party, Jim detours to a haunted house where Renee is forced to confront a terrifying situation.

Green, an undocumented Turkish pedicab driver, unwittingly draws police attention, endangering his brother, his community, and himself.

A meager apology tests a woman's fortitude to forgive.

Dead bodies have washed up on the banks of the river. When Abraham finds out that one of them was his friend, he embarks on a journey to fulfill a promise that will take him to the Guacari tree.

CATEGORY Shorts Program

RUN TIME 96 min