Shorts Program 4


Wanting a fresh start, Lauren moves into a house with her daughter and new boyfriend—but the spirits of the house have plans to turn them all against each other in very bizarre ways.

Caught in the throes of a depressive fugue, young Lynn resorts to debauchery to find joy—only to discover that happiness is a much more complicated proposition.

No One is Crazy in This Town
The owner of a big hotel orders Marwan and his team to remove mentally ill people from the city streets and cast them away in the forests.

A family history archive as told by matriarch Azalu Mekonnen and her granddaughter Samira Hooks. Shot on Super 8 film in Los Angeles and Gondar, Ethiopia, it captures the Ethiopian coffee ceremony and explores migration, memory, and rebirth.

Takoyaki Story
Always attracted to takoyaki—octopus balls, a famous Japanese street food—a girl tries them for the first time and becomes addicted.

A film crew follows three grieving participants of Miami’s annual “T Ball,” where folks assemble to model RIP T-shirts and innovative costumes designed in honor of their dead.

Olla has answered an ad on a dating website for Eastern European women. She moves in with Pierre, who lives with his old mother, but nothing goes as expected.

CATEGORY Shorts Programs

RUN TIME 95 min