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Shorts Program 2


Kao Shi (A Test)
In a small-town high school, days before the college entrance exam, teacher Chen Jun finds out that the father of his most promising student has died in a mining accident. Telling him—or not—bears heavy consequences.

A complex chick deals with a vanilla beau, a shitty brunch, and a dead coyote all in a Los Angeles day. There's batshit crazy and then there's good crazy—she fits somewhere in between.

Dear Mr. Shakespeare
An exploration of Shakespeare's intentions when writing Othello delves into the play's racial themes in historical and contemporary settings, while drawing wider parallels between immigration and blackness in the UK today.

Rubber Heart
After a painful dry spell, a woman attempts to have a one-night stand.

Pedro gets home at dawn. Before the young boy falls asleep, his lonely mother drags him to the beach.

Kaiju Bunraku
Here's a day in the life of a husband and wife living in a world of giant monsters.

A broke and rebellious teen navigates a suburban wasteland, hustling money for the morning-after pill—before it's too late.

SECTION Shorts Program

RUN TIME 98 min