Shorts Program 2


An intimate portrayal of what could be a family's last day together, set against the urban backdrop of North London.

Home Shopper
In a loveless marriage, Penny finds solace in the hypnotic escape of the home shopping channel. When things take an unexpected turn with her husband, the channel proves to be her saving grace ... or was it the problem all along?

Faced with an emergency situation, a group of young Black and Latino friends carefully weigh the pros and cons of calling the police.

Oscar and his family live in a humble country house threatened by a massive hydroelectric project. In the face of uncertainty and sorrow at leaving the land where they were born, his grandparents decide to end it all.

Cheer Up Baby
A young woman who was sexually assaulted by a stranger on the subway is rendered with psychological menace and sensory dislocation in this elliptical tale.

Julius Caesar Was Buried in a Pet Cemetery
A short documentary portrait of the greatest pet cemetery in the world.

The Climb
Kyle is depressed, and a weekend bike ride with his best friend, Mike, should help. Fresh air. Camaraderie. Exercise. But Mike has something to say that might ruin the ride.

Would You Look at Her
A hardheaded tomboy spots the unlikely solution to all of her problems in an all-male religious ritual.

Fri. 1/19, noon, Temple, PC
Sat. 1/20, noon, Redstone 7, PC
Sat. 1/20, 9:45 p.m., Broadway 3, SLC
Thu. 1/25, 6:00 p.m., Park Ave., PC


RUN TIME 96 min