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It’s impossible to explain to a friend how magical certain VR experiences feel. But now, Festival audiences will be able to share their feelings while their friends walk around the experiences with them. A kind of next-generation VR photo booth, REACH is an interactive installation that captures users in dimensionalized video and then places them into a volumetric location of their choice, creating a room-scale experience that can be shared online.

Located at New Frontier at The Ray

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY VR Experience


RUN TIME 10 min

COMPANY Emblematic Group

EMAIL meghan@emblematicgroup.com

PHONE +949 284 9978


Lead Artists
Key Collaborators
Technical Artist
Technical Director
Development Producer
Executive Producer
Lead Engineers
Produced By
Additional Production

Artist Bio

Nonny de la Peña

Nonny de la Peña is the CEO and founder of the award-winning Emblematic Group. In 2018, Peña was named the "technology innovator of the year." Her critically acclaimed experiences range from tracking the chaos of the Syrian Civil War to working with AT&T on leveraging 5G technologies.

Chaitanya Shah

Chaitanyah Shah is a technologist who leverages his expertise in AI and XR to build worlds of tomorrow.

Hannah Eaves

At the intersection of media and innovation, Hannah Eaves's recent works include VuHaus.com, ChannelX.org, and an ongoing collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Cedric Gamelin

Cedric Gamelin is an award-winning storyteller and technologist currently working as a senior producer at Emblematic Group, where he pioneers next-generation avenues for storytelling.