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Queen of Hearts


Anne, a successful lawyer, lives in a beautiful modernist home with her two daughters and physician husband, Peter. Yet when Gustav, Peter’s troubled teenage son from another relationship, comes to live with them, Anne forms an intimate bond with Gustav that jeopardizes her perfect life. And what initially seems like a liberating move for Anne soon turns into a disturbing story of power, betrayal, and responsibility with devastating consequences.

With bold and astonishing vision, co-writer/director May el-Toukhy masterfully builds Anne’s world, seducing the viewer into complicity before maneuvering her protagonist onto an unsettling and shocking path. Trine Dyrholm, one of Denmark’s finest dramatic actresses, skillfully inhabits the complicated Anne. In a finely calibrated performance, Dyrholm humanizes Anne’s contradictions and unpredictable behavior, creating an even more disconcerting character. A riveting and provocative film, Queen of Hearts is a portrait of a woman who manages to lose everything and nothing at the same time.

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY World Cinema Dramatic Competition


RUN TIME 128 min


SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

COMPANY Nordisk Film Production A/S

EMAIL maria.fogt@nordiskfilm.com

PHONE +45 52 11 76 51


Production Designer
Sound Designer
Co Producer
Executive Producer
Line Producer

Artist Bio

May el-Toukhy

Director/writer May el-Toukhy was born in 1977 and raised in Denmark by her Danish mother and Egyptian father. She worked in theatre before moving to film. In addition to her directorial debut, Long Story Short, a success among both audiences and critics, she has directed radio dramas, stage plays, and episodes of the award-winning TV series The Legacy and Ride Upon the Storm. Queen of Hearts is her second feature film.