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Power of Story: Culture Shift


Friday, January 19, noon–1:30 p.m.
Egyptian Theatre, 328 Main St.
Ticket Required

At a watershed moment in which America grapples with gender, race, and the complex nature of systemic change, an illustrious group of artists including Patrick Gaspard (vice president of the Open Society Foundation), Issa Rae (Insecure), Megan Smith (third U.S. chief technology officer, CEO of shift7), and Christine Vachon (Colette, Wonderstruck) talk with Washington Post journalist Sarah Ellison about their work, the power of media, and the role creative choices play in shifting culture and crystallizing the national conversation. How do storytellers transform not only the arts and media fields but society at large? What’s at stake in terms of the stories we tell and who tells them, and how will these decisions shape our future?
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Fri. 1/19, noon, Egyptian, PC

SECTION Power of Story

RUN TIME 90 min