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An unlikely bromance between two misfit neighbors becomes an unexpectedly emotional journey when one of them is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Suddenly facing their mortality, the two bros (who spend their free time playing a game they made up called Paddleton) decide to go on a trip. Yet their literal journey turns into a metaphorical one as their experiences reveal the true bond of friendship—and what that means between two men who use humor to avoid expressing any real emotion.

Director Alex Lehmann puts together a playful, inspiring story, using two famed funnymen to make you laugh while touching your heart with the question: what does love look like in action? Ray Romano is captivating as an eternal pessimist fighting to find moments of hope for his ill friend. Mark Duplass is heartbreaking as a man resigned to his fate yet wanting to enjoy every moment he has left. The emotional depth that Lehmann unearths in his clever take on the road-trip genre is a testament to the power of this film and the friendship at its core.

Closed Captioned (CC) features available for this film.

YEAR 2018

CATEGORY Premieres


RUN TIME 89 min


EMAIL cculbert@netflix.com

PHONE 310-463-0048


Executive Producers
Director Of Photography
Sound Designer
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Casting Director
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Artist Bio

Alex Lehmann

Alex Lehmann is a feature director known for Blue Jay, his independent debut starring Mark Duplass and Sarah Paulson. He has also directed several documentaries, including Asperger's Are Us, currently on Netflix. His background is in cinematography and editing, and his work includes indie dramas, campy horror films, and everything in between. Lehmann is bilingual, having grown up in both France and the U.S.A. He is now based in Los Angeles.