Operation Arctic


YEAR 2014

SECTION Sundance Kids


RUN TIME 91 min

LANGUAGE Norwegian

SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

Julia, a shy 13-year-old, has recently moved to a new city with her mother and eight-year-old twin siblings, Ida and Sindre. After trouble at school, Julia, Sindre, and Ida decide to visit their father and stow away on a helicopter that is supposed to fly to the city where he is stationed. When the helicopter lands and the kids disembark, they realize something is wrong. But it takes off before they can get back on, stranding them on a remote Arctic island with a limited food supply, wild animals, fierce weather, and no way to communicate with the mainland. Though the twins look to Julia for survival skills, all three must rise to the challenge and work together in hopes of being rescued.

Featuring wonderful performances from the young cast and beautiful cinematography, Operation Arctic is a thrilling story of survival that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. —P.H.

All screenings of this film will have a subtitle reader. Any audience member who may have difficulty reading subtitles can listen to the reader through individual headsets.

Recommended for ages 9+

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Sound Design
Production Designer

Artist Bio

Grethe Bøe-Waal graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in directing and philosophy from Ithaca College in New York state. She has had a versatile career, both within the theatre scene and as an actress. The Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat was her feature film debut as a director; it has won prizes as best children's film at numerous film festivals around the world, including the prestigious Cinekid Film, Television and New Media Festival and the Chicago International Film Festival.