In 1995, the Oklahoma City bombing rocked the nation as the most deadly act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history. Timothy McVeigh, convicted and executed for the crime in 2001, was a soldier, patriot, and war veteran. But a soldier is not supposed to crack. How McVeigh’s patriotism transformed into radicalism is a vital and haunting question whose exploration has never been more relevant.

Director Barak Goodman expertly crafts rarely seen archival footage to immerse us in an era when Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian tragedy dominated headlines. These clashes between the government and citizens frame a portrait of an embittered McVeigh, whose traumatic experience in the military influenced a dramatic recalibration of his view of the U.S. government. For McVeigh, the government was suddenly no longer a protective construct, but something to be destroyed.

Featuring new interviews with biographers, the FBI, and witnesses, Oklahoma City makes the nerves bristle as a cultural warning when sentiments of anti-government despondency walk tall with us today.

YEAR 2016

SECTION Doc Premieres


RUN TIME 101 min

COMPANY WGBH Educational Foundation

WEBSITE http://pbs.org/americanexperience

EMAIL vanessa_ruiz@wgbh.org

PHONE (617) 300-5953


Director Of Photography
Motion Graphics
Additional Animation
Assistant Editor
Executive Producer
Senior Producer

Artist Bio

Barak Goodman

Barak Goodman is a co-founder and principal producer, director, and writer at Ark Media. He has received an Academy Award nomination, and his films have played at the Sundance Film Festival and won Emmy, Writers Guild, duPont-Columbia, and Peabody Awards, in addition to the RFK Journalism Award. He directed and produced the PBS series Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies, and he directed, wrote, and produced Clinton and My Lai for American Experience.