Okavango: River of Dreams (Director's Cut)


Africa’s Okavango Delta contains an enormous and vibrant river that provides the stage for a seemingly endless diversity of wildlife. An extensive array of animals are shown living in communion with the mighty river in Botswana as they hunt, forage, and scavenge alongside the constantly shifting water’s edge; big cats, elephants, African skimmers, hippos, crocodiles, painted dogs, and bush babies all thrive and survive amongst one another in acutely specific ways. Even the water itself is explored as a living character as it morphs and changes throughout the seasons. It is a testament to the interconnectedness of life on Earth and the need for biodiversity to retain the delicate balance of nature.

Filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert have created an utterly breathtaking example of visual storytelling with rich clarity. Each dazzling closeup of the exotic flora and fauna is truly remarkable, as is the narration by Dereck Joubert accompanying the stunning images. Calling itself a love letter to the greatest river in Africa, Okavango: River of Dreams observes a unique ecosystem with a skilled and deeply perceptive eye.

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY Documentary Premieres

COUNTRY Botswana

RUN TIME 94 min

COMPANY Terra Mater Factual Studios and Wildlife Films

WEBSITE http://www.wildlifefilms.co

EMAIL production@wildlifefilms.co

PHONE +27836803441


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Artist Bio

Dereck Joubert

Dereck Joubert is a National Geographic explorer-at-large, director, cinematographer, conservationist, and author. He and his wife, Beverly, have done 40 wildlife films, receiving eight Emmys, a Peabody Award, two Wildscreen Panda Awards, and an Outstanding Achievement Award at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. He is also the recipient of a World Ecology Award and the Presidential Order of Meritorious Service in Botswana.

Beverly Joubert

Beverly Joubert is a premier African conservationist, National Geographic explorer-at-large, conservationist, wildlife filmmaker, and photographer. In collaboration with her husband, Dereck, she has produced over 40 wildlife films and received numerous awards. She co-produces with Dereck and records sound. Saving wildlife and wild landscapes is a significant driving factor in her life.