My Happy Family


As family and friends gather in a Tbilisi apartment to celebrate her 52nd birthday, Manana calmly packs a suitcase and, to her guests’ bewilderment, announces she’s leaving. A literature professor and wife of 30 years, she’s shared a three-bedroom flat with her husband, Soso; her parents; two grown children; and son-in-law. And she’s had enough. Moving to a new apartment, she starts afresh, and has never been happier. Attempting to avoid the family drama that follows her, she nonetheless forms a surprising new attachment to a man she meets in secret—Soso.

My Happy Family is simply a gem. Quietly funny, profoundly observant, and possessed of a compassionate spirit, it plunges into the chaos of three generations coexisting beneath one roof, vividly drawing out distinctive characters. Directing duo Nana & Simon gracefully avoid melodrama and find the sublime soul of the film in Manana. Enduring the petty oppressions of family and a patriarchal society for decades, she is born of a willful expression of personal freedom. A figure of serene self-assurance, she’s an unforgettable character.

YEAR 2017

SECTION World Drama

COUNTRY Germany/Georgia/France

RUN TIME 119 min


SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

COMPANY augenschein Filmproduktion



PHONE +49 22116950507


Co Producers
Art Director
Costume Design
Casting Director

Artist Bio

Nana Ekvtimishvili

Nana Ekvtimishvili, born in Georgia, studied drama and script writing at the HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg in Germany. She co-wrote the script for Fata Morgana with Simon (his debut film). Nana also wrote the script for In Bloom, which she co-directed with Simon. It won 30 awards and was the Georgian entry for the 2013 best foreign language film Academy Award.

Simon Gross

Simon Gross graduated from the HFF Munich. He co-wrote the script for his debut film, Fata Morgana, with Nana. The film won the Young Cinema Award for best director. He produced his next feature, In Bloom, and co-directed it with Nana. In Bloom was the Georgian entry for the best foreign language film Academy Award in 2013.