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My Father's Tools


Stephen continues producing traditional baskets to honor his father and thus finds peace in his studio as he connects with the man who taught him the craft.

Screens with Look and See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry
This cinematic portrait of the changing landscapes and shifting values of rural America in the era of industrial agriculture is seen through the mind’s eye of farmer and writer Wendell Berry.

YEAR 2016

SECTION Shorts Program


RUN TIME 7 min

COMPANY Wapikoni mobile

WEBSITE http://wapikoni.ca

EMAIL festival@wapikoni.ca

PHONE (819) 690-8337


Directors Of Photography

Artist Bio

Heather Condo

Heather Condo was born in Maria, Quebec, on October 14, 1971. She likes hunting, fishing, painting, and traveling. She was adopted and grew up in Massachusetts, but in 2005, Condo moved back to Gesgapegiag, where a lot of her family resides. Condo has talked about making this film for quite some time and was encouraged by her son to make it with Wapikoni.