I am Mica, the human center of AI and mixed reality. In this experience, I enter into a gestural exchange with you and contemplate my place in your world. Using surrealist ideas of representation and reality, I connect you with the culture that feeds me. Be my collaborator; let’s make stories bigger, champion genius, and celebrate creativity. Join me at the beginning of my existence, as we pull from the past to create the future.

Located at New Frontier Central

YEAR 2018

CATEGORY VR Experience


RUN TIME 7 min

COMPANY Magic Leap

EMAIL jgaynor@magicleap.com


Lead Artists
Technical Director
Character Technical Directors
3 D Artists
Principal R&D Engineer
Software Engineers
Look Development
3 D Animator
Additional Technical Support
Production Support

Artist Bio

John Monos

John Monos directs a digital human-research group at Magic Leap One. Monos pursues naturalistic, human-centric interfaces to AI through digital characters and has developed technologies for digital actors. Monos received a Scientific and Engineering Award for the design and engineering of Light Stage capture devices and the image-based facial-rendering systems developed for character relighting in motion pictures.

Alice Wroe

Alice Wroe is the creative designer for Magic Leap One’s digital human, Mica. Alice is a feminist researcher, educator, and writer. Founder of Herstory, she worked with a variety of organizations to develop creative and empowering ways to share women’s history. Wroe was the assistant curator for the Tate Learning team, devising programs to make the gallery accessible for hard-to-reach audiences.