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On a windy night in the Colombian desert, a young Wayúu woman named Doris sleeps in her hammock and has a dream that she reunites with a deceased cousin. When she awakens and shares the encounter with her grandmother, they agree that her vision suggests the beginning of an ancient ritual, one central to their culture’s relationship with death, dreams, and memory. According to custom, Doris must travel to her cousin’s grave and exhume the body from its coffin. Only after she cleanses her cousin’s bones will the physical and spiritual barriers of death crumble.

Lapü documents Doris’s journey into the realm of death, layering her ritual with hypnotic visual and sonic abstraction. Mirroring the Wayúu belief that the deceased coexist with the living, filmmakers Juan Pablo Polanco and César Alejandro Jaimes resurrect the world of the dead so that it lives side by side with Doris as she embarks on her “second burial.” The result is a haunting, mysterious vision that blurs Western concepts of loss and time and flips the conventional approach to documentary storytelling on its head.

YEAR 2018

CATEGORY World Cinema Documentary Competition

COUNTRY Colombia

RUN TIME 75 min

LANGUAGE Wayuunaiki/Spanish

SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

COMPANY Los Niños Films

WEBSITE https://www.losninosfilms.com/

EMAIL julianquinterolnf@gmail.com

PHONE +57 3159268928


Assistant Editor
Sound Design
Assistant Director
Sound Recordist

Artist Bio

Juan Pablo Polanco

Juan Pablo Polanco was born in Bogotá, Colombia. He studied fine arts at the Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogotá and filmmaking at ECAM in Madrid. He is co-founder of the Colombian production company Los Niños Films, with which he made his short film Portete and his first feature film, Lapü.

César Alejandro Jaimes

César Alejandro Jaimes studied photography and filmmaking in his hometown of Bogotá, Colombia. He is co-founder of the production company Los Niños Films. Death and dreamlike experiences are his main object of study and inspired him to write his debut feature film, Lapü.