La Leyenda Negra


Teenage Aleteia has just transferred to a new high school in Compton and struggles to make friends. As an El Salvadorian immigrant who has grown up in the United States, Aleteia has made underground activism her foundation for making her voice heard, but everything is thrown into jeopardy when her temporary protection status is compromised and her future becomes uncertain. She unexpectedly befriends Rosarito, a popular girl who is tired of her vapid clique and drawn to Aleteia’s resilience, much to queen bee Monica’s annoyance. As the girls grow closer, Aleteia becomes more determined than ever to fight for her right to stay in the home she has always known.

First-time feature filmmaker Patricia Vidal Delgado lovingly crafts a poignant and emotional coming-of-age story that unfolds against a tense and divided social backdrop. Equally capturing the political turbulence affecting communities and the prickliness of teenage dynamics, La Leyenda Negra examines the price of sacrifices and the rarity of true connection. Drawing on striking black-and-white photography and raw emotion, this quietly bold film marks Delgado as an exciting new cinematic voice.

Screens with Little Chief
The lives of a Native woman and a troubled young boy intersect over the course of a school day on a reservation in Oklahoma.

YEAR 2020



RUN TIME 84 min

LANGUAGE English and Spanish

SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

COMPANY Patricia Delgado Productions, LLC



PHONE (925) 329-7198


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Artist Bio

Patricia Vidal Delgado

Patricia Vidal Delgado is the writer and director of short films Bué Sabi, Isa, Ico, 88, The Hood, and Caroline. Her work has screened at both national and international film festivals—including the Raindance Film Festival, Crown Heights Film Festival, Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, and IndieLisboa International Film Festival—and it has garnered a total of 8 wins and 27 nominations. La Leyenda Negra is her feature film debut.