YEAR 2014

SECTION Park City at Midnight


RUN TIME 100 min

As 19-year-old Jay's summer—spent hanging with friends, lounging in a backyard pool—nears an end, her unperturbed suburban existence is about to be horrifyingly upended. After sleeping with a new boyfriend, she's suddenly pursued, slowly but persistently, by a malevolent supernatural presence that takes the form of different people. Hoping to buy time and devise a plan, Jay and her friends escape to a beach house. But it's coming.

Premiering in Cannes and aptly reviewed as a "teen horror movie like you've never seen it before," David Robert Mitchell's It Follows is one of the most original indie films in years and an unrelentingly creepy experience that pairs edge-of-your-seat suspense with a beautifully poetic exploration of teenage sexual anxiety, yearning, and jealousy. His unnerving, dreamlike aesthetic—its long takes, eerily deliberate zooms and harrowing electronic score by Disasterpeace—lingers precariously over innocuous suburban tableaus and plays brilliantly with off-screen space, mercilessly baiting us with the edges of the frame. Perfect fodder for horror and allegory, the film’s unseen psychosexual menace may be sluggish, but slow and steady wins the race. —J.N.

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Executive Producer

Artist Bio

David Robert Mitchell, a Detroit native, premiered his debut feature, The Myth of the American Sleepover (IFC), at SXSW in Austin, winning a Special Jury Prize; it went on to premiere internationally at the Cannes Film Festival Critics' Week. It Follows was nominated for the Critics’ Week Grand Prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Mitchell lives and works in Los Angeles.