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Indie Episodic Program 6


Sundance is proud to present the world premieres of these two exceptional short-form series. Eschewing traditional episodic models, both serve as outstanding examples of creative and independent storytelling.

Leimert Park
Things get complicated when three friends share a house in south Los Angeles’s Leimert Park. Despite being married, beats-maker Mickey hasn’t had an orgasm in three months; Bridget mistakes sex for love while assisting a visiting artist; and Kendra shoots videos of her numerous sexual encounters with the goal of landing her own art show. Set against a vibrant LA backdrop with a fantastic cast of female leads, Leimert Park is an in-your-face comedy built for the modern age.

The Adulterers
Two co-workers engaged in an extramarital affair discover an unexpected but limited intimacy, unlocking a secret world where creativity and freedom can blossom. How long can they sustain this fleeting magic in the shadow of reality? Series writers and creators Tonya Glanz and Chris Roberti also serve as lead actors, inciting a tremendous spark of chemistry between the two characters.

Tue. 1/23, noon, Park Ave., PC
Wed. 1/24, 3:30 p.m., Ray, PC
Fri. 1/26, 9:00 p.m., Broadway 6, SLC

SECTION Indie Episodic

RUN TIME 98 min