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Indie Episodic Program 2


Presented here are the world premieres of four highly original series-kickoff episodes, showcasing stories of comedy and drama from both East and West Coasts.

The Dress Up Gang
The insanely funny and surrealistic comedy trio expands their cult-hit web series. Donny, a responsible adult with the innocence and outlook of a child, relies on guidance and life advice from his friend Cory, the dad-like thirtysomething who has been crashing on Donny’s couch for quite some time. We are excited to premiere two of the gang’s escapades, both presented in this pilot episode.

Delivery Girl
Trisha is a young woman struggling with her identity. She leads a double life within her fiercely Catholic household, selling drugs to make ends meet while carrying on with a secret lover. With the support of her friend Leroy, a 40-year-old seeking to regain custody of his child, she fights for the courage to embrace her future while confronting her past. Creator/director Kate Krieger also stars in the first episode of this dramatic series.

It's Not About Jimmy Keene
The police shooting of an unarmed black teen causes friction within a mixed-race Los Angeles family. Ivan, the youngest sibling, is stalked by visions of Jimmy Keene’s floating corpse. Torn between the opposing worldviews of his two older sisters, the family divides further when his parents take sides. Director and star Caleb Jaffe has an original and authentic new voice that is highlighted in this premiere episode.

Work in Progress
After her therapist dies mid-session and she begins dating a trans man, Abby is forced to re-evaluate her life choices, dating options, and whether or not to confront the woman responsible for “ruining her life” (SNL’s Julia Sweeney). We are proud to present the pilot episode of this darkly comedic series, created by star Abby McEnany and director Tim Mason.


RUN TIME 99 min