Indie Episodic Program 1


Here you’ll discover the world premieres of these independently produced series, rooted in themes of youth, family, sexuality, and technology. You’ll also find a small town hand-crafted entirely out of felt and despair.

Girls Weekend
When a queer daughter begrudgingly returns home to Las Vegas for a weekend with her estranged, homophobic sister and people-pleasing mother, her gun-toting dad lets it slip that her mom’s cancer is back with a vengeance, forcing her to decide whether or not she can be part of the dysfunction that is her family.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared
Based on the wildly popular series of short films, this series follows roommates Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Duck, who live simple and repetitive lives in the complacent technicolor community of Clayhill … until the town’s mayor disappears and everything descends into utter chaos.

Underdog entrepreneurs and best friends Madeline and Aimee struggle to be taken seriously as they try to get their killer fashion app off the ground. Based out of a rented garage in their humble midwest hometown of Kansas City, they hire a socially awkward teenage intern to join them on their broke-ass entrepreneurial journey to make a household name.

A darkly comedic series about a struggling new mom who ditches her dreary postpartum-depression support group for the stand-up comedy class next door. In this short-form pilot episode, Maggie struggles with inappropriate fantasies about her impossibly attractive live-in nanny.

Quarter Life Poetry
Based on the Instagram account and book of the same name, creator Samantha Jayne shines with multiple vignettes in this outstanding new series, featuring poems relevant to all but aimed toward the young, broke, and hangry.


RUN TIME 98 min