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How do you escape a family legacy when it’s ingrained inside you—literally? This is what Maya wants to find out after a close encounter with death leaves her with questions about the parents she never knew and what they potentially left behind. Accompanied by her best friend, Dini, she ventures to the remote village where she lived as a young child. Immediately, they observe strange phenomena; most noticeably, there aren’t any children around. As they peel back the layers of the village’s secretive facade, they find themselves at the center of a story that transcends life and death.

In his latest feature, Indonesian filmmaker Joko Anwar spins a tale of family inheritance, generational trauma, and betrayal set against the desolate landscape of Indonesia’s countryside. Forgoing traditional jump scares and haunts in favor of a more suspenseful, sinister narrative, Anwar delivers a ghost story that turns the esoteric upside down and inside out. His frequent star and collaborator Tara Basro imbues Maya with strength and empathy in her search for answers buried just beneath the skin.

YEAR 2019


COUNTRY Indonesia

RUN TIME 107 min

LANGUAGE Indonesian

SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

COMPANY Base Entertainment

WEBSITE https://base-ent.com

EMAIL nadine@base-ent.com

PHONE +6281219770160


First Assistant Director
Executive Producers
Makeup Artist
Edited by
Music by
Production Designer
Line Producer
Sound Designer

Artist Bio

Joko Anwar

Joko Anwar is an award-winning writer and director who started his career as a journalist and film critic. His works include The Forbidden Door, which received the top prize at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival; Modus Anomali; and A Copy of My Mind, which competed at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival. His film Pengabdi Setan (Satan's Slaves) topped 2017’s box office and was the highest-grossing horror of all time in Indonesia.