Immersive Journalism


New Frontier Gateway
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Monday, January 25, noon–1:30 p.m.

Immersive journalism has had a recent explosion since The New York Times sent out one million virtual reality cardboard devices, turning what was once a rarely used term coined by Nonny de la Peña into a new form of journalism that could potentially go mainstream. ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian are also exploring the medium.

What are the implications and possibilities for this medium? Is there a new set of ethics we need to consider? And how are practitioners approaching creating content? This discussion includes Nonny de la Peña (CEO, Emblematic Group), Dan Silver (executive producer, ABC News Digital), Ben Solomon (video correspondent, The New York Times), Sandy Smolan (co-director, Click Effect), and moderator Ingrid Kopp (senior consultant, Tribeca Film Institute).

Nonny de la Peña (CEO, Emblematic Group)
Dan Silver (executive producer, ABC News Digital)
Sandy Smolan (co-director, Click Effect)
Ben Solomon (video correspondent, The New York Times)

Moderated by Ingrid Kopp (senior consultant, Tribeca Film Institute)

SECTION New Frontier Panels

COUNTRY Monday, January 25, noon - 1:30 p.m.

New Frontier Gateway

RUN TIME 90 min

Artist Bio

Ingrid Kopp

Ingrid Kopp is a senior consultant in the Interactive Department at the Tribeca Film Institute, working at the intersection of documentary, technology, design, and social change. She curates the Tribeca Storyscapes program at the Tribeca Film Festival and frequently speaks on interactive storytelling. Ingrid started her career at Channel 4 Television in London before moving to New York in 2004; she is now based in Cape Town, where she is working on African-based VR projects.

Nonny de la Peña

Nonny de la Peña, CEO of Emblematic Group, uses cutting-edge technologies to tell important stories, creating intense, empathetic engagement. Recently named a Yale Poynter Fellow, she has over 20 years of experience in print, film, and television. Her showcases include the Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca, the World Economic Forum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Dan Silver

Dan Silver, executive producer at ABC News Digital, established the short documentary brand ABC News Features, oversaw Pope Francis's “Virtual Audience" with the American people, and was integral to GMA's live-streaming marathon event 40 for 40. In 2015 he launched the ABC News VR series, debuting with an immersive, 360-degree experience from inside Syria. Silver was previously the senior director of development at ESPN Films. A multi Emmy-award winning producer, he was integral to the critically acclaimed documentary series 30 for 30. Sandy Smolan Sandy Smolan is an award-winning director of features, documentaries, television, and commercials. His critically acclaimed debut feature, Rachel River, was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 1988 Sundance Film Festival and won Best Cinematography and the Special Jury Prize for actress Viveca Lindfors. His most recent film, The Human Face of Big Data, won the Jury Prize for Best Cinematography at the Boston International Film Festival. Ben Solomon Ben C. Solomon is a Pulitzer Prize–winning video journalist and filmmaker for The New York Times. He creates short films and video reports across Africa and the Middle East. He's based in Nairobi, Kenya.