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Imagining Work in an A.I. Integrated Future


Sunday, January 21
11:00 a.m.: Exhibition of residency story prototypes
Noon: Discussion

The Dell Den, 528 Main St.

Emerging technologies are fundamentally changing the nature of work. How do we ensure it will result in a human-centered future? Can we design these surplus technologies to further an equitable future? Artists and technologies from Sundance Institute's New Frontier World Building Residency share their experience of wrestling with these questions as they build a vision of the future work in Los Angeles 2037. Panelists include Alex McDowell (Minority Report, World Building Institute), Tony Patrick (Batman and the Signal), Grace Lee (American Revolutionary), Lauren McCarthy (LAUREN, p5.js), Dr. Danny Lange (vice president of AI and Machine Learning, Unity Technologies), and Rahul Takoo (vice president and general manager of Client Product, Dell Inc.). The panel will be moderated by Victor W. Hwang (vice president of entrepreneurship, Kaufman Foundation).
Presented by Dell and The Ewing Marion Kaufman Foundation

Thu. 1/25, 11:00 a.m., The Dell Den , PC

SECTION Hosted Presentations

RUN TIME 60 min