A dance club pulses with bouncing, happy friends and lovers. Downstairs, a shooter courses the underbelly of the building, preparing to carry out a mission for the Lord. But when we slip back in time, we discover that this same man hooked up with another man. After the intimate encounter, he runs out of the room, filled with shame over who he is. But what if events unfolded differently? What if the man he hooked up with convinced him to stay—to face himself? Could that simple act have changed the course of history?

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YEAR 2017

SECTION NF VR Experience


RUN TIME 6 min

COMPANY Alfrobel Inc.

WEBSITE http://alfrobel.com

EMAIL alfrobel@gmail.com


Lead Artist
Key Collaborator
Executive Producers
Vr Technology Partner
Production Designer
Sound Designer
Costume Designer

Artist Bio

Rose Troche

Rose Troche is an award-winning writer/director/producer who works across a number of mediums. She is a veteran of the Sundance Film Festival and returns this year with IF NOT LOVE. Like her previous VR pieces, Perspective: Chapter 1: The Party (2015) and Perspective: Chapter 2: The Misdemeanor (2016), IF NOT LOVE challenges the viewer to contemplate another difficult subject—a mass shooting at a nightclub, but this time with the question posited: is another outcome possible?