YEAR 2014

SECTION Shorts Program Films Presented by YouTube


RUN TIME 5 min

LANGUAGE Cantonese

The Umbrella Movement shows how citizens’ passion for a more just future brings about a peaceful but powerful social movement, in the midst of defamation and attacks. This film documents what Hong Kong means to the interviewees, without any political intention.

Screens With
The Chinese Mayor—Mayor Geng Yanbo is determined to transform the coal-mining center of Datong, in China’s Shanxi province, into a tourism haven showcasing clean energy. In order to achieve that, however, he has to relocate 500,000 residents to make way for the restoration of the ancient city.


Artist Bio

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Flora Lau graduated from Columbia University with majors in economics and mathematics, then went on to London Film School. Her first feature, Bends, had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and was an Un Certain Regard selection in 2013. The film went on to be screened at over 30 festivals. Lau is currently developing her second feature at the Cannes Residence Program in Paris.