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Developed with groundbreaking scholar and fungi activist Giuliana Furci, Hypha illuminates the importance of the fungi kingdom as the healing agent of Earth. This immersive journey begins with you as a spore in space. A meteorite takes you to Earth, and underneath the soil, you then grow into a hypha. You gather with other hyphae into a mycelium, acquire healing powers to communicate with trees, and transform toxic substances into positive nutrients.

Screens at New Frontier Central

YEAR 2020

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions


RUN TIME 17 min

COMPANY Maltrato Films

WEBSITE http://www.maltratofilms.com

EMAIL sebastian@maltratofilms.com

PHONE +56991245015


Lead Artist
Key Collaborators
Art Directors
3-D Artist
Sound Design
Scientific Research
Title Designer

Artist Bio

Natalia Cabrera

Natalia Cabrera is a media artist and interactive storyteller. Her work includes documentary filmmaking, interactive installations, virtual reality, and AR apps. Showcased in museums and galleries in Santiago, Berlin, and New York, and selected in film festivals worldwide. She is currently premiering Hypha, a virtual reality experience about the fungi kingdom, and developing her new work Symbiotica about the cooperation between fungi and flora as a metaphor of a possible society.