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How Did We Get Here?


A visual exploration of progressive atrophy. A study in how microscopic changes can go unnoticed but amass over time. Even as these changes become drastic, we sometimes fail to realize anything has happened at all.

Screens with New Frontier Shorts Program

YEAR 2018

CATEGORY Shorts Programs


RUN TIME 4 min

WEBSITE http://www.michelle-miles.com

EMAIL michellenmiles@gmail.com

PHONE (434) 964-6524


Director of Photography
Edited by

Artist Bio

Michelle Miles

Michelle Miles is a multimedia artist whose work is informed and conceptually underpinned by her experience as a disabled woman. She currently holds a year-long position in accessibility at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and is a resident in the Art Beyond Sight Art & Disability residency. Miles’s work has screened at the LA Film Festival and will be installed in the Kennedy Center in July 2020 for the 30th anniversary of the ADA.