In 2016, a young artist traded her paints and brushes for a VR headset and began to inhabit virtual reality more than the real world. In this VR installation, she invites you to join her in a recursive exploration of the infinite self. When your body leaves the experience, your presence will live on inside an ever-expanding virtual painting, reflecting the growing community around you.

Located at New Frontier Central

YEAR 2018

CATEGORY VR Experience


RUN TIME 12 min

COMPANY antimattered

WEBSITE http://teekmach.com

EMAIL teekmach@gmail.com

PHONE (972) 951-3830


Lead Artist
Key Collaborators

Artist Bio

Teek Mach

Teek Mach is an artist exploring the language of virtual reality. Using 3-D painting software, Mach combines traditional painting methods with new technologies, emphasizing the value of human touch in digital spaces. Beginning her career art-directing film and TV, her passion for science and storytelling continues to challenge artistic possibilities and push them beyond convention.