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August Wilson, Pulitzer Prize–winning writer of Fences, The Piano Lesson, and Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, is one of America’s preeminent playwrights, chronicling the African American experience with 10 plays, each set in a different decade of the twentieth century. Now, every year, thousands of high school students from across the country gather in New York City to perform one of his monologues in a riveting, high-stakes competition on Broadway. Giving Voice closely follows the lives of six of these vibrant students as they meticulously develop their individual performances with the hopes of embodying Wilson’s legacy.

Directors James D. Stern and Fernando Villena take us on an emotional journey—equal parts moving and gripping—with these young men and women, utilizing the competition as a compelling framework for young people across the country to deeply connect with Wilson’s ideas. A singular talent and artist, Wilson provides a lens for a new generation to understand their surroundings, inspiring them to find their own voice and persevere in their increasingly complicated world.

Closed captioning is available for this film.

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY Documentary Premieres


RUN TIME 87 min

COMPANY Endgame Entertainment

WEBSITE www.endgameent.com

EMAIL kbove@endgameent.com

PHONE (310) 432-7310


Executive Producers
Co-Executive Producer
Director of Photography
Music Supervisor

Artist Bio

James D. Stern

James Stern directed the documentaries Every Little Step, American Chaos, Sport in America, The Year of the Yao, … So Goes the Nation, and Michael Jordan to the Max. Among the 45 films Stern has produced are Looper, An Education, Side Effects, I’m Not There, Snowden, The Old Man & the Gun, Murder Mystery, and Bliss. Additionally, Stern is a two-time Tony-winning producer.

Fernando Villena

Giving Voice marks Fernando Villena’s second work as a director. His editing credits include Rize (2005), Every Little Step (2008), and Crank: High Voltage (2009). Villena has worked with a range of notable directors, including Francis Lawrence, Michel Gondry, Marc Webb, Davis Guggenheim, and Chai Vasarhelyi. Villena’s directing debut was the HBO Sports documentary Any One of Us.