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Facing the serene Mediterranean Sea, 17-year-old Karma Khaial stands at the water’s edge and senses freedom. But in Gaza, the sea is yet another wall restricting the lives and dreams of its inhabitants.

This elegantly shot and masterfully crafted portrait of Palestinian life offers a rare chance to be immersed in the heart of Gaza, as we glimpse behind the walls of this misunderstood land to get to know real people who inhabit it. Inside a Gaza City taxi, we meet a teacher, a student, and a barber, who all share their dreams and daily predicaments with the driver, Ahmed, using surprising humor and candor. Ahmed could take them anywhere—except that a decade-old blockade makes it nearly impossible to leave the enclave.

Like its people, Gaza’s landscape feels kaleidoscopic: colorful yet pained, fragile yet resilient, ancient while looking to the future. Memory plays heavy on its consciousness. But life moves in cycles in Gaza, and, in spite of everything, joy and humanity can be found in every corner of this mosaic of life.

YEAR 2018

CATEGORY World Cinema Documentary Competition

COUNTRY Ireland/Canada

RUN TIME 92 min


SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles


EMAIL realfilms@ymail.com

PHONE +353 866004750


Executive Producers
Production Manager
Director Of Photography

Artist Bio

Garry Keane

Garry Keane is an award-winning director/producer based in Ireland. He has been making high-end television documentaries for European and American broadcasters for over 20 years. Since 2012, Keane’s documentaries have been nominated for 11 Irish Film & Television Academy Awards; of these, his films have won four, including two in the "Best Director TV" category in 2013 and 2018.

Andrew McConnell

Andrew McConnell is an award-winning photographer who has been covering world events for over 15 years. Based in Beirut, he has worked throughout the Middle East exploring themes of conflict and displacement. Gaza is his first work as a filmmaker and follows his photographic projects that began in 2010 in the besieged territory.