Finders Keepers


YEAR 2014

SECTION U.S. Documentary Competition


RUN TIME 82 min

Shannon Whisnant has a nose for a bargain. But when he bought a used grill at a North Carolina auction, the severed human foot he found among its ashes was not part of the deal. Soon the gruesome discovery becomes the toast of the infotainment world, and the new owner spies a golden opportunity to cash in on the media frenzy, until struggling addict and amputee John Wood recognizes his missing member and demands his own foot back. It is the stuff of documentary legend.

Bizarre twists of fate with perfectly twisted characters take center stage in a courtroom battle with television's Judge Mathis, exploding this classic small-town feud to epic proportions as their 15 minutes of fame turns their lives upside-down and they find themselves basking under the heat lamps of the international talk-show circuit.

This astonishing, stranger-than-fiction tale defies definition because it uniquely traverses the quirks of a small town in the midst of a media phenomenon, while it examines manifold human paradoxes such as greed, ego, familial dysfunction, and that most elusive of all human conditions, redemption. —H.C.



Co Producer

Artist Bio

Bryan Carberry came from Indiana to study film at the University of Southern California, then subsequently lost his soul in Hollywood and has yet to return home. Succeeding some short films and a few music videos, Finders Keepers marks his documentary directorial debut. Clay Tweel is a natural-born Virginian living in Los Angeles. He enjoys skinny skiing and going to bullfights on acid. His films include Make Believe and last year's SXSW award-winner Print the Legend.