Experience Realistic Touch in Virtual Reality


This piece is housed at New Frontier at The Ray. To find time slots and purchase tickets beginning January 16, click here.

What does it feel like to have a tiny fox running around in the palm of your hand? HaptX’s media scientists are building a full-body haptic suit for VR that delivers that level of convincing accuracy. Step into their lab and experience early prototypes of their work, which let you feel heat, cold, and unprecedented haptic realism in virtual environments.

YEAR 2017

SECTION New Frontier Exhibition


RUN TIME 10 min


WEBSITE http://haptx.com

PHONE (805) 888-4278 ext. 600


Lead Artists
Key Collaborator
Executive Producer
Project Team
Associate Producers

Artist Bios

Jake Rubin

As founder and CEO, Jake sets the vision for HaptX, leading technology development and go-to-market strategy. Jake spent half his life envisioning the full-body human-computer interface system that would become the foundation of HaptX’s technology.

Joe Michaels

Joe leads partnerships and sales for HaptX. He previously led business development at Microsoft’s MSN division, where he negotiated and managed deals with sports, media, and entertainment.

Andrew Mitrak

As director of marketing, Andrew is the lead storyteller at HaptX. Before HaptX, he wrote and directed films, documentaries, advertisements, and music videos that screened at festivals internationally.