Documentary Shorts Program 1


Broken Orchestra
The Symphony for a Broken Orchestra project collected hundreds of broken instruments from the Philadelphia public school system, fixed them, and then returned them to the hands of students.

Do Not Split
The story of the 2019 Hong Kong protests, told through a series of demonstrations by local protestors that escalate into conflict when highly armed police appear on the scene.

Betye Saar: Taking Care of Business
There’s no stopping the legendary artist Betye Saar, even at age 93.

Abortion Helpline, This Is Lisa
At a Philadelphia abortion helpline, counselors answer nonstop calls from women who seek to end pregnancies but can’t afford to. In this documentary we learn how economic stigma and cruel legislation determine who has access to abortion.

An otherworldly deep dive into the hidden beauty of lichens, asking what we might learn from them. Ancient and diverse, thriving in adversity, confounding scientists to this day—lichen is a model of emergence.

Junior Bangers
In England, banger racing isn’t just a sport—it’s a way of life. Join 11-year-olds Finn and Harley on a cold winter race day in Birmingham.

A Love Song for Latasha
A dreamlike archive in conversation with the past and the present to reimagine a more nuanced narrative of Latasha Harlins by excavating intimate and poetic memories shared by her cousin and best friend.

CATEGORY Shorts Programs

RUN TIME 97 min