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Delhi Crime Story


When the bloodied—but breathing—bodies of a young woman and man are found naked in a ditch by the road, an emotionally fraught investigation begins its race against the clock. At the forefront is a no-nonsense female police commissioner who begins to uncover the horrifying details of the victim’s gang rape. The inquiry becomes a serpentine quest for clarity amongst corruption and pervasive cultural misogyny. In a country with a history of denial and victim blaming, is due process possible?

Based on real events from 2012, in which the fatal assault of a young woman on a bus exposed the role the Indian government and police played in crimes against women, Delhi Crime Story takes on the American tradition of ripped-from-the-headlines crime dramas. Indo-Canadian director Richie Mehta presents a compassionate look at law and order in a developing world, highlighting a heartbreaking crime with a sense of realism and an eye toward justice.

Sundance is proud to present the world premiere of the first two episodes of this exciting new drama series, followed by a Q&A with its creator, Richie Mehta.

YEAR 2019



RUN TIME 111 min

LANGUAGE English and Hindi

SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

COMPANY Ivanhoe Pictures

EMAIL kilian@ivanhoepictures.com

PHONE +1 (310) 600-1968


Executive Producers
Production Designer
Costume Designer
Location Sound
Visual Effects
Hair And Makeup

Artist Bio

Richie Mehta

Richie Mehta's first feature, Amal (2007), premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film won 30 international awards and was nominated for six Canadian Screen Awards, including best picture, best director, and adapted screenplay. He wrote and directed I'll Follow You Down (2013), a science-fiction/drama starring Gillian Anderson, and Siddharth (2013), which was short-listed for the Golden Globes’ best foreign-language film. Mehta then directed the feature documentary India in a Day.