YEAR 2014

SECTION World Cinema Dramatic Competition


RUN TIME 96 min

LANGUAGE French and Spanish/Arabic

SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

When the remains of their eight-year-old son are discovered 10 years after his disappearance in Montreal, a separated couple is brought back together. Each has been living in solitude—Christophe in a hut on the beach in Mexico, Irène retreating into the sanctuary of singing in an ancient music choir. Haunted by the unresolved mystery of their son for almost a decade, they are now faced with their biggest losses: the unfathomable tragedy of their son and the demise of their relationship. Together yet separately, they methodically close compartments from the past and move toward acceptance of the future.

Framing each scene with precision, François Delisle returns to the Sundance Film Festival (The Meteor, 2013) with a mesmerizing black-and-white feature shot during a stark Montreal winter. Spartan dialogue, poetic inner monologues, single images held to contemplate, and minimalist yet rich characters—all contribute to a quiet cinematic power that builds to a crescendo of exceptional beauty and emotional catharsis. —K.Y.

COMPANY Doc & Film International

EMAIL g.gallier@docandfilm.com

PHONE +33 1 42 77 56 87


Art Director
Music Supervisor

Artist Bio

Since 1993, François Delisle has made six feature films, including Ruth, Happiness is a Sad Song, You, and Twice a Woman. His last film, The Meteor, was released in 2013 at the Sundance Film Festival and at the 63rd Berlin International Festival.