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Kahlil Joseph’s mesmerizing news-creation machine is a soulful and rousing intervention into the “news-industrial complex” that is presently manifesting an epidemic in our society: news addiction powered by corporate digital platforms on networked devices. BLKNWS combines appropriated news and social media with originally produced anchored segments to create a continuously updated broadcast that is as much a news service as it is a portal to an elevated state of awareness.

“A fugitive newscast” that rejuvenates what news can be, BLKNWS aims to become a bona fide news network that can only be accessed at specific terrestrial sites. This groundbreaking exhibition will kick off at the Temple Theatre with a special extended presentation of BLKNWS and a discussion with the editors in chief. Afterwards, audiences can tune in to ambient continuous broadcasts of BLKNWS at Filmmaker Lodge, the Festival Co-op, The Box at The Ray, and other constantly proliferating sites around the Festival. It can also be seen as preshow newsreels in 11 art-house cinemas around the country.

BLKNWS newsreels will also run at 11 art-house cinemas around the country:
Belcourt Theatre—Nashville, Tennessee
Cinema Detroit—Detroit, Michigan
The Loft Cinema—Tucson, Arizona
Michigan Theater—Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston—Houston, Texas
Nitehawk Cinema—Brooklyn, New York
Northwest Film Forum—Seattle, Washington
O Cinema—Miami, Florida
Parkway Theatre—Baltimore, Maryland
The State Theatre—Ann Arbor, Michigan
Texas Theatre—Dallas, Texas

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY New Frontier Films & Performances


RUN TIME 47 min


Production Manager
Music Supervisor
Production Coordinator

Artist Bio

Kahlil Joseph

Kahlil Joseph is a Los Angeles–based artist and filmmaker best known for his distinctive short films and large-scale video installations. He currently serves as the artistic director of The Underground Museum, a pioneering independent art museum, exhibition space, and community hub in Los Angeles that he co-founded with his late brother, the visionary artist and curator Noah Davis.