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Sam is one lucky teenager. She’s beautiful, rich, and popular, with the hottest boyfriend and the most loyal friends. But she and her posse can be cruel and heartless; since elementary school they’ve relentlessly bullied one of their classmates. On Friday, February 12th, driving home from a party, Sam is in a dramatic car crash. She should be dead, but wakes the next morning to find the date hasn’t changed. In a Groundhog Day–like time loop, Sam must unravel the mystery of why the last day of her life keeps repeating again and again. Along the way she realizes that every little deed has a consequence, and every action can change another person’s future.

Based on the bestselling young adult novel, Before I Fall features a fluid, riveting performance by Zoey Deutsch as Sam—a girl learning to disentangle her values from high school’s rigid social strictures to discover her true self. Director Ry Russo-Young smartly and lushly layers high school drama with chilly noir and suspense genres to deliver a thrilling, profoundly moving ride.

YEAR 2016

SECTION Premieres


RUN TIME 99 min


EMAIL BeforeIFall@id-pr.com


Co Producer
Executive Producers
Based On The Novel By
Director Of Photography
Production Designer
Costume Designer
Music Supervisor

Artist Bio

Ry Russo-Young

Ry has been making independent films for 11 years, and her work has played at such festivals as SXSW, the Sundance Film Festival, and the Tribeca Film Festival. You Won't Miss Me (2009) won an IFP Gotham Award, and Nobody Walks (Magnolia Pictures, 2012) won a Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize. Her fourth feature, Before I Fall, is based on the best-selling young adult novel and will have a wide theatrical release in March.