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Bad Day for the Cut


Donal is a good man. He is a sturdy farmer who loves his aged mother. He values hard work. His word means something. He is loyal, focused, and tough. What he is not, under any circumstances, is someone to fuck with. So when Donal’s monastic existence as the good son is tragically upended, his justice is bloody and thorough.

Director Chris Baugh and his co-writer Brendan Mullin have created a film as deceptively simple as its hero. Set against the stark beauty of Northern Ireland, the story eschews cheap twists in favor of a slow and steady unveiling of the horrible truths hiding in plain sight. They’re aided by an able cast, especially lead actor Nigel O’Neill, whose performance is infused with the quiet rage of the overlooked.

They say good men are hard to find. Maybe it’s better that way.

YEAR 2016

SECTION Midnight

COUNTRY Northern Ireland

RUN TIME 99 min

COMPANY Six Mile Hill Productions

WEBSITE http://sixmilehill.co.uk

EMAIL brendan@sixmilehill.co.uk

PHONE +44 7759168789


Director Of Photography
Production Designer
Costume Designer
Casting Director

Artist Bio

Chris Baugh

Chris Baugh is a filmmaker based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In 2012 he formed Six Mile Hill Productions with producer Brendan Mullin. Since then, he has directed a number of award-winning short films and television projects. Bad Day for the Cut is his debut feature film.