YEAR 2013

SECTION New Frontier Exhibitions

COUNTRY Australia

The Caravan of Death was a brutal campaign that executed military detainees in Chile during the aftermath of the coup in 1973. In this remarkable interactive immersive documentary, media artist Oscar Raby puts the viewer in the footsteps of his father, who was an army officer on the day when the Caravan of Death came to his regiment. Both tender and horrifying, Assent is an experience of a father-son relationship as they struggle with the events and emotions of that fateful day.

WEBSITE http://www.oscarraby.net

EMAIL oscar.raby@gmail.com


Associate Producer
Sound Design

Artist Bios

Oscar Raby is a New Media artist looking into the contemporary and future ways of storytelling. His experience working in multimedia projects at the Memory and Human Rights Museum in Chile and the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia has allowed him to explore how history is reconstructed by the curated narrative of institutions. His interest lies in using New Media to rearrange that narrative by facilitating the interaction between audience and artifacts.