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Trailer dweller Lou and her best friend Sadie spend most of their nights steeped in a murky haze of pot smoke and booze-filled TV-watching sessions, venturing out on occasion to party in a desolate community full of drug-addled ex-Marines and other miscreants of society. After an otherwise normal night of self-destructive behavior, Lou awakens with symptoms of a bizarre illness and psychosomatic visions that she can’t seem to shake. Unfazed, she continues with her hard-living ways, but even her frequent bong rips don’t fully explain the shitstorm swirling around in her head. Something otherworldly has infected her body, and try as she might, it refuses to be ignored. An unknown stranger arrives to help her get a grip on reality as paranoia sets in and stories of conspiracy spread.

Writer and director Danny Perez returns to the Sundance Film Festival (his last feature, ODDSAC, played the Festival in 2010) with a new exercise in visual madness, further cementing his spot as a purveyor of demented imagery and unrelenting chaos.

YEAR 2016

SECTION Midnight


RUN TIME 94 min

COMPANY Traverse Media

WEBSITE http://www.traverse-media.com

EMAIL cp@traverse-media.com

PHONE (310) 868-1460


Production Designer
Director Of Photography
Sfx Make Up/Costume

Artist Bio

Danny Perez

Danny Perez wrote and directed Antibirth after years of working in music videos and more experimental work. Touring as a projectionist for musicians Panda Bear and Black Dice mutated his sense of rhythm and composition into a whirling dervish combining art film, YouTube sensations, and visual effects into something modern and unique.