Animation Spotlight


Summer Camp Island
Oscar and his best friend, Hedgehog, just got dropped off at summer camp. Once the parents leave the island, the strangeness lurking beneath the surface is revealed—aliens exist, horses become unicorns, and there are monsters under the bed.

Drawn & Recorded: Teen Spirit
Narrated by T Bone Burnett, this is the story behind one of the most iconic songs ever written, animated in the style of a pop-up book.

Trumpet Man
A turntable springs out a woman named Avocado; her instinct creates a man called Soul. Passion swings both, and an uncertain madness strikes Soul heavily. Seeds of passion breed conflict among five men, eventually leading Soul to a deeper understanding of life.

The Bald Future
Being a bald man sucks. Knowing you'll become one is worse.

Broken—The Women's Prison at Hoheneck
This animated documentary about Hoheneck, the main women's prison in former East Germany, is based on original interviews with former inmates. It's a film about political imprisonment, forced labor, and enormous profits on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

The Laughing Spider
The early childhood memory of aerial attacks leaves a lasting impression, with strong stimulus and disquiet.

Attempting to remove an unresponsive badger from a dark road, a police patrol soon realizes that the animal is not dead but rather dead drunk. Things take an even stranger turn when the creature wakes up.

This hand-painted visual poem explores the ideas of diaspora, homeland, and the mass deportations of the Kalmyk people during World War II.

Victor & Isolina
Creatively visualized through 3-D printing, two elderly Latinos embark on a resonating he said/she said account of the events that led them to live separately after more than 50 quirky and stressful years together.

Abstract haiku-like situations reveal the changing atmosphere on one planet caused by a meteoric impact in a distant solar system. Inhabitants on this pulsing planet become one with each other, in various ways, in this three-chapter exploration of affection.

SECTION Shorts Program

RUN TIME 82 min