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In 1970, filmmaker Peter Kubelka designed a movie auditorium in which carefully controlled sight lines and black velvet caused all but the screen to disappear into darkness. He referred to his invisible cinema as “a machine for viewing.” In these adventures in vision, directors Oscar Raby,
Richard Misek, and Charlie Shackleton use real-time VR experience, live performance, and video essay to transform the Egyptian theater into “machines for viewing” to explore how we watch films.

Charlie Shackleton’s A Frame of the Mind explores the struggle of filmmakers to fit their work within a rigid frame and allows audiences to adjust the aspect ratios of films Richard Misek’s A Pillow of Light offers audiences different vantage points, including one so close to the screen that you transcend the spatial immersion of VR and commune directly with the screen. Oscar Raby’s Manual for a Disassembly of Cinema moves you to the projection room, where the projector’s housing, image, and screen start to merge, bringing the experience back to the most important component of cinema: you.

Screens as New Frontier Double Feature: Machine for Viewing and Infinitely Yours

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY New Frontier Films & Performances

COUNTRY United Kingdom/Australia

RUN TIME 30 min


WEBSITE https://vrtov.com/

EMAIL oscar@vrtov.com

PHONE +61435846646


Produced by
Executive Producers
Technical Artist
Sound Design

Artist Bio

Oscar Raby

Oscar Raby is creative director of VRTOV, the Melbourne-based virtual reality studio behind Assent, Easter Rising, The Turning Forest, and A Thin Black Line. Assent was named one of the top interactive documentaries of the last decade by IDFA DocLab and was part of New Frontier at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

Richard Misek

Richard Misek is a filmmaker, educator, and academic. He is author of the book Chromatic Cinema (2010) and director of the feature-length essay film Rohmer in Paris (2013).

Charlie Shackleton

Charlie Shackleton is an award-winning film critic and filmmaker. His films include Beyond Clueless (2014), Fear Itself (2016), and Fish Story, which screened at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and won the BIFA Award for Best British Short Film.