In 2010, Sundance Institute's Documentary Film Program was invited by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to create six short films––working with independent documentary filmmakers––on several of the foundation's priority issue areas: global health; financial services for the poor; and improving US education. So began an exciting partnership designed to harness the power of documentary storytelling to create greater awareness around key global issues. Sundance DFP staff was fortunate to be able to call on the skills and commitment of many outstanding filmmakers already working in the topic areas. The resulting Sundance | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation collection of films, featured below, are global, presenting remarkable stories of challenges and solutions. Filmed in Bangladesh, India, Haiti, Kenya, Congo (DRC), Lesotho as well as the United States, the six films illustrate personal stories of communities leading vaccination drives; empowering the poor with safe and affordable means to manage their money, success at an urban American charter school and an intimate portrait of parenting while HIV positive. Each film is linked to a community of stakeholders, and represents the work of some of the leading documentarians working today. Join us in discovering more about the issues and the storytellers.

–– Cara Mertes, Director, Documentary Film Program

Small Change = Big Idea

Directed and produced by Glenn Baker
About Small Change = Big Idea

Two-fifths of the world’s people earn less than $2 a day. This film shows how accessible, safe financial savings services are helping the poor build a better future in Bangladesh.

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