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Unfinished Spaces: Holy Temples Created by Artists

China Responds to Unfinished Spaces

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Xuequn Bao lives in Kunming, China and was an audience member at the @FilmForward screening of "Unfinished Spaces"

It's a sad story. In this film, we can learn that something could be damaged and never ever be fixed back to the original stage. The unfinished space is a holy temple for beliefs and passion of artists in old time. Those things are so vulnerable, once they were damaged, they would never be the same as before. I am moved by the enthusiasm and creativity of those artists in that special time. They were obsessed with sex and the fertility goddess, because they just had gone through a revolution, the war, the death. They were hungering for new life and a kind of freedom, with which they could turn their imagination and hope for a new country into reality.  The special time and the government failed them. The love for life and the trust for the political leaders was ruined like nature is doing to the remaining unfinished college of art. The film is elegy for the dreamers. Artists are the pioneers of age. They are dreamers and they sing for the hope of the people in the whole world. Sadly they were, are, will be constantly ignored by those powerful men. I hope with the screening of this film around the world, much more attention will be drawn to those ignored and abused good things. It is time for us to think of how to deal with the dreamers who carry their talent and passion and eagerly bring the beauty in their minds into the real world.

Sincerely, Xuequn Bao (sent via email)


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