Meet the Sundance Institute Lab Fellows, Class of 2021

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Directors, Screenwriters, and Native Lab fellow Miciana Alise (Tlingit). ©2021 Sundance Institute | Photo by Miciana Alise

The Sundance Institute has been hosting its labs since the summer of 1981, when its inaugural class of fellows arrived at the Sundance Mountain Resort to workshop their independent features. This year, we celebrate our 40th anniversary with an all-new group of artists in our Directors and Screenwriters Labs, our Episodic Lab, our Native Lab, our Producers Lab, and our Sundance Ignite x Adobe Fellowship. See each program's list of fellows below, and click the links to learn more about them all.


  • A Real One: McKenzie Chinn
  • Fancy Dance: Erica Tremblay, Miciana Alise
  • Forward: Cris Gris, Mary Ann Anane
  • The Macrobiotic Toker: Tracy Droz Tragos
  • The Mysterious Gaze of the Flamingo: Diego Céspedes
  • Neon Tilapia: Tony Koros
  • Parts & Labor: Cristina Costantini, Jacob Albert
  • Stampede: Sontenish Myers
  • White Knuckle: Xavier Coleman


  • A Dignified Death: Lauren Glover
  • The Cavi: Justin Calen-Chenn
  • Emotional: Andrew Lopez
  • Fantasia for You: Jessica Barr, Lena Hudson
  • FiftyTwo: Elissa Blount Moorhead, Ericka Blount Danois
  • From Guantánamo, with Love: Mansoor Adayfi, Antonio Aiello
  • Gone But Not Forgotten: Stacy F. McDonald
  • The Great Impasta: Zach Gonzalez-Landis
  • Hannah with the Dogs: Yvonne Hana Yi
  • Lasting: Carly Woodworth
  • Loons: Jackie Katzman
  • Mandingo: Terrance Daye
  • On Soul: Jessica dela Merced
  • Regulars: Shirin Najafi
  • Somewhere Else: Johnny Alvarez,
  • Tehran Disco: Rom Lotan
  • Those Who Kill: Melody Cooper
  • Tinderbox: Nicole Saad


  • Miciana Alise (Tlingit): Mia, Too
  • Doane Tulugaq Avery (Iñupiaq): Mama Dragon
  • Bryson Chun (Kanaka Maoli): Poi Dogs
  • Alexandra Lazarowich (Cree): Sweet Home Reservation
  • Charine Pilar Gonzales (San Ildefonso Pueblo): Rosa (at Booth #515)
  • Tommy Pico (Kumeyaay): Sometimes


  • All That Is Solid (Todo Lo Sólido): Joie Estrella Horwitz
  • Caity: Katie White
  • Commuted: Darcy McKinnon
  • Fancy Dance: Deidre Backs
  • I Didn't See You There: Keith Wilson
  • The Incredible Heist of Hallelujah Jones: Duran Jones
  • Loyalty: Razi Jafri
  • The Plutonians: Shao Min Chew Chia
  • Razing Liberty Square: Ann Bennett
  • Sundown Town: Austin Sepulveda


  • Diego Bragà
  • Karina Dandashi
  • Dylan Gee
  • Justice Jamal Jones
  • Dubheasa Lanipekun
  • Lindiwe Makgalemele
  • Maliyamungu Muhande
  • Natalie Murao
  • Marilyn Oliva
  • Juanita Umana

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Lead photo:

Directors, Screenwriters, and Native Lab fellow Miciana Alise (Tlingit). ©2021 Sundance Institute | Photo by Miciana Alise