New Frontier

Maybe you are wondering: “How can I meet the filmmakers at the Sundance Film Festival?” “How can I talk to someone else about a Festival film I love?”

Well, there are two ways: through premiere parties and filmmaker receptions. 

Audiences with Explorer Pass access are invited to attend film premiere parties celebrating the films of the Sundance Film Festival. Look for the party announcement to be announced after every premiere screening. If you miss it, you can check the list below for a complete list of parties.

How to attend a premiere party:

  • Look for the title of your favorite festival films on the list below.
  • Click on the title, and you will be transported to Space Garden on The Spaceship. 
  • Your film title will be on the Film Party marquee, so just step into the Film Party.  
  • You will see a poster image for your movie in the main bar. If you step into the image, you will enter a cozy lounge celebrating your favorite film.

As for the second method of joining film discussions, on Wednesday, January 26, and Thursday, January 27, film audiences with Explorer Pass access are invited to attend individual receptions for the filmmakers of each of the films in the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. These Sundance Filmmaker Receptions, taking place in Film Party on The Spaceship, are designed to allow the filmmakers to meet their online audiences and for audiences to find community and conversation around the Festival films they love.

Below is a schedule with links to each of the receptions. For more information on navigating within The Spaceship, check out our guide