Leadership Giving

There will always be new terrain to explore as long as there are artists willing to take risks, who tell their stories without compromise. And Sundance will be here - to provide a range of support and a creative community in which a new idea or distinctive view is championed. - Robert Redford

Today more than ever, pioneering artists need a home for creative risk-taking. They need support and community to develop and complete new work, and opportunities and guidance to grow and sustain their careers. At the highest levels, Leadership Giving donors will champion the work that is core to our mission – the strategic development, support and discovery of artists – and receive unparalleled access to Sundance Institute’s yearly work with artists worldwide.

Make a leadership donation today. Leadership Giving Program benefits are curated to each individual and includes Sundance Film Festival packages which may either be purchased on top of your gift, making your entire donation tax deductible, or wrapped into your total gift amount.

Please be in touch with Rachel Denny, Director, Individual Giving at (646) 863-5993 or rachel_denny@sundance.org to discuss the many possibilities available at this most generous level of giving.

Programs Supported By Leadership Donors