Sundance USA: Meet the Venues
Sundance Cinemas, Houston, TX. Photo by Candace Garcia.
Sundance USA: Meet the Venues
Sundance Kabuki, San Francisco, CA. Photo by Cesar Rubio.
Sundance USA: Meet the Venues
The Loft Cinema, Tucson, AZ

Sundance USA: Meet the Venues

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On January 26, Sundance Film Festival USA dispatches nine filmmakers from Park City to nine cities across the country to screen and discuss their direct-from-Festival films with audiences. In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce you to this year’s hosts by featuring them in our venue profile series.

BAM, Brooklyn, NY

Park City Latitude: 40°39’34”
Brooklyn Latitude: 40°37’29”

Pretty incredible, right? This latitudinal kinship between Park City and Brooklyn might suggest that it was the work of some higher celestial power that led BAM and Sundance Institute to converge in May of 2006. Then again, this could just be geographic coincidence…

Regardless, we’re proud to continue our relationship with Sundance Institute by participating in Sundance Film Festival USA. The true beauty of our partnership goes far beyond GPS coordinates—Brooklyn has been an artistic petri dish for years, and many independent filmmakers who’ve brought their work to the Sundance Film Festival live in the shadow of BAM and come here often.

Sundance Film Festival USA not only brings filmmakers to New York, but it transports our audience, too. Last January 27, shrouded by a messy snowstorm, NYC airports canceled flights and Gregg Araki barely made it in the air to present his sci-fi sex comedy Kaboom at BAM. He managed to arrive only moments before the Q&A, still donning a Sundance Film Festival parka and credentials around his neck. Though New York had plenty of its own snow that night, you could almost believe that the flakes coating his parka fell in the mountains of Utah and that the entire audience was right there at the Eccles in Park City. Though we’re over 2,000 miles away, for everyone there, BAM was part of the Sundance Film Festival. To err on the side of banality, that was really cool.

Sundance Kabuki, San Francisco
Sundance Cinemas, Houston

Sundance Cinemas is thrilled to once again host Sundance Film Festival USA. Our patrons embrace the experience, as the Festival delivers an evening that places them squarely in the middle of the excitement. This will be the third year we've been invited to participate, and the first year that our brand new Sundance Cinemas in Houston will host a screening. Last year we hosted Drake Doremus with his award-winning film Like Crazy and Tiffany Shlain with her feature documentary Connected.

From the moment we announce tickets on sale, we get an immediate response. Our patrons know that they will be seeing not only a film that has just played at the Festival, but they get to see the filmmakers who are flush with excitement having been plucked out, mid-Festival, and will be flying back that night to see if their film wins an award. That's shared excitement.

On January 26th, 2012, we look forward to seeing folks at either the Sundance Kabuki in San Francisco or the Sundance Cinemas in Houston for Sundance Film Festival USA. Tickets will be available at

The Loft Cinema, Tucson, AZ

What better way to enter our 10th year as a nonprofit, mission-driven cinema than by bringing Sundance USA to Tucson? Perhaps no other film festival mirrors what we do year-round more than Sundance. By shining a light on independent cinema in all of its forms, from story-driven dramas to crazy midnight movies, documentaries, and foreign films, we focus on the best the world has to offer outside the multiplex.

The Loft Cinema in Tucson is proud and honored to be teaming up with Sundance again, this time for our first Sundance USA. Our screenings of the Sundance Film Festival Shorts Program over the past three years have been a huge hit with our audiences, and all of Tucson was delighted when Sundance Institute came to town on their Film Forward journey. There’s already a lot of buzz about Sundance USA and anticipation regarding which film and filmmaker will be coming to share their work. This is one of the most exciting events to come to The Loft, and we can't wait to share it with Tucsonans. The Tucson Weekly summed it up with their headline the day the news broke: “Coolest news ever alert!” We can’t wait!