Fail Safe with The Rockettes, Dan Deacon, and Others at the 2014 Festival
"High Kicks with The Rockettes"
Fail Safe with The Rockettes, Dan Deacon, and Others at the 2014 Festival
"How to Lose Your Inhibition," with Dan Deacon
Fail Safe with The Rockettes, Dan Deacon, and Others at the 2014 Festival
"#Worstpictureever #Mostexhaustedhashtag" Workshop with Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger

Fail Safe With The Rockettes, Dan Deacon, and Others at the 2014 Festival

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Throughout the day of Free Fail (Monday, January 20), the Sundance Film Festival is hosting an eclectic selection of hands-on workshops designed to experience failure firsthand. Held at different venues around Park City, the workshops are a chance to learn from the masters as you try your hand at something new. Here is the current selection of Fail Safe workshops (yes, they’re FREE, but with limited availability), with more to be announced soon.

#Worstpictureever #Mostexhaustedhashtag
Monday, January 20, 9:30 AM-10:30 AM

Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger and artist Taryn Simon lead a playful, interactive experiment addressing popular tropes in image production on the Internet, and challenge you to make the worst picture ever. Be sure to bring your smart phone!

When challenged with the idea of failure, artist and workshop participant Taryn Simon's response was to create a flip book of rejection letters that highlight the sometimes arbitrary nature of acceptance. Join the #Sundance #FreeFail campaign by posting images and videos of your failures turned successes and learn more about this initiative on

Dining With Flynn
Monday, January 20, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Hell’s Kitchen and Cupcake Wars have nothing on culinary wunderkind Flynn McGarry and what he has in store for the brave few who walk into his Free Fail kitchen. Prepare not only to learn how to cook but how to navigate the pressures and pitfalls of getting the dishes plated and out the door. Young and sweet as he might appear, Flynn will be wielding a stopwatch and loudly shouting “Pass/Fail” depending on your culinary prowess. The good news is that pass or fail, everyone will get to have one of the best lunches around.

Tom Sachs Teaches You to Draw
Monday, January 20, 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

You WILL learn to draw through seeing and fearlessly marking. In this workshop, Tom teaches you as his teacher taught him: to not be afraid of making a mess and to start in the middle like a hunter and take dead aim on your subject that you WILL draw.  But be warned, as Tom likes to quote, “The reward for work is more work.”

High Kicks with The Rockettes
Monday, January 20, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Days of sitting in dark theaters have your legs in knots? Having trouble losing those holiday pounds? Curious to see Cooper pull out some of his Broadway moves? Come spend an hour with the iconic Rockettes as they show you how to dance with the best of them. You will be doing high kicks; please dress accordingly.

How to Lose Your Inhibition
Monday, January 20, 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Have you ever found yourself doing something you never envisioned doing...and enjoying it? How about letting loose and forgetting to worry about what people think (while sober, we should add)? Composer/multimedia artist Dan Deacon is the intellectual impresario who, through music and technology, will encourage you to do the unexpected and have you feeling the more inspired for it.

Free tickets are available during the online open ticket sales. You can add the free ticket to your regular ticket order.  Limit of 1 ticket person per workshop per transaction.