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Wolves in the Walls (Chapter 1)


This piece is housed at New Frontier at The Ray.

Eight-year-old Lucy suspects that wolves live in the walls of her family’s home. She has no one to believe her ... but you. Forging a groundbreaking blend of film, theatre, audience agency, and sleight of hand, this exquisitely crafted animated experience casts you as an active performer in a narrative where you interact, have a relationship with, and go on a quest with the central character in ways that leave your mark on the experience.

YEAR 2018

SECTION NF VR Experience


RUN TIME 9 min

EMAIL Jessica.shamash@fable-studio.com

PHONE (650) 438-1416


Lead Artists
Key Collaborators
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Artist Bio

Pete Billington

Pete is a director, writer, artist, and immersive storyteller. Throughout his career, he has been fortunate to learn from the most progressive and technically daring filmmakers of our time. These diverse experiences converged toward virtual reality. He now explores how to emotionally bond with the audience through interaction, innovation, and a little magic. Wolves in the Walls (Chapter 1) is his directorial debut.

Jessica Yaffa Shamash

Jess began her career within the storied walls of Pixar, immersed in the artistry and magic of the acclaimed animation studio. A natural-born storyteller, her curiosity brought her to Oculus Story Studio, Facebook’s in-house VR lab, where she helped to pioneer the future of immersive narratives. She is equal-parts producer, misfit, artist, and writer.